Parsun Day Symbol Co.

Factory: No 6, Yas Street, Industrial site No 1, Kerman- IRAN

Tehran Office: No.61, 1st. floor, Modiriat Blvd. Chamran Exp. way,
P.O.Box : 14655-417
Tehran-19979 18465. Iran.
Tel :  +98 21 88691589 / 88690158 / 88680162
Fax : +98 21 88681766

Badr Day Company with over 10 years of experience, capabilities and resources in export of agricultural products and its highly competent staff has successfully emerged as one of the largest private sector export companies in Iran.

We proudly announce that, with export of various type of Iranian dates, in consumer and bulk packs, Badr Day is renowned as the Specialist Grower, Packer and Exporter of Dates. This success made in 1999 as remarkable year for all of us.

We have penetrated the markets in Asia, Europe, Far East and the superior quality of our products joined with our enhanced service, based on total commitment have met full customers' satisfaction.

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