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Iranian Dates...

Iran is the largest producers of dates in the world. Its annual production is about one million tons in over 400 varieties.

Iranian dates are grown, harvested and processed organically without using any chemicals as fertilizer, pesticides or preservative. Five to six (4OGR) nutritious and delicious Iranian dates, or 1/4 cup of diced dates, equals one health food serving.

In Iran date harvesting time, depending to the variety, starts from August and last to the end of October.

All 400 varieties of Iranian dates are not exportable due to limited production of some types or being unsuitable for export. But among the 400 types more than 15 varieties are well known in international markets and are exported throughout the world.

We are pleased to introduce our selection of some of the best varieties of Iranian Dates to you: Mosafati, Sayer, Zahedi, Rabbee, Kabkab, Faar, Iranian Medjool, Zarday, shahani, shawi .

(The below image shows some of these varieties beside each other.)

To find out more about above mentioned dates and how they look like, please refer to our Date Gallery.

Growing areas of date fruit in Iran:

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